Meet your storytellers

We are anything but your traditional couple, here's why. 
We met, fell in love, moved in together, got engaged and then got married.  Sounds pretty standard right?!  Oh but did we mention the part where that all happened in a matter of 67 days.  That's right, it took us no time at all to realize we were the perfect fit for one another, and we so hope you feel the same when you hire us as your wedding day team.  To top it all off we joined forces in 2016 and we have been capturing love stories for super rad couples + families ever since. 
We are parents to 4  awesome kids, 3 pretty cool fur babies and one scaly bearded dragon.  We truly believe that life is meant to be messy and a pretty wild ride.  Hence our love for wild, raw, passionate, authentic, unplanned moments.  

Meet them!

Did you know we have a kickass team?

Thin Crust Pizza and I could eat it every day

Alec's Favorite Things

Tequila shots - no lime needed

Working Out 

Iced Coffee

Paqui Chips

A good pair of cowboy boots

As you can see, I am crazy about this stud next to me

Megan's Favorite Things

Iced coffee full of an unhealthy amount of creamer

Cheetos cheese popcorn (the only brand I eat)

Tacos covered in ranch

Cutie hats + a dope adventure

And of course, my husbands lounge pants

This or That:

Mountains or Beaches

Iced Coffee or Pipin' Hot

Flying or Road Trips

Phone Calls  or Text Messages

Booty Grabbin' or        

-Booty Grabbin'



Connecting over your story is so crucial.  We want to help tell your story and the only way we can do that is by meeting you where you are at as a couple and help you both break down barriers and share your connection with us.  Creating your vision with you and not just capturing the motions of your day and posing you matters to us.


The in between

Think about the first time you kissed.  Do you remember all of those little things that happened right before that moment or even after?  That's what we live for.  Those very fleeting in between moments



Intimacy has layers much like ourselves.  From the intimacy of a touch, a kiss, a moment, to the intimacy of your wedding or elopement.  Being vulnerable with your partner in front of others is a beautiful thing.  Sharing your love in front of our cameras is not only one of the most beautiful things we get to witness, but it is a true form of trust between you as a couple and us as your photo + video besties.

The Beyond the Pines Experience 

Choosing us as your wedding day team is like going on a double date with your best friends.  We are there to celebrate one of life's greatest moments with you as your favorite third and fourth wheels.  No really, we will tear up that dance floor with you, hold your bouquet when you need us to and of course finish off the night shooting tequila shots with you and your lover. 

We think there is a time and place for posed portraits but it surely is not on your wedding day.  We are going to cut the bullshit and capture your unrehearsed moments.  The in-between glimpses into your most special day that you don't even realize are happening. 

Ready to climb mountains & chase sunsets?

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